The Studio

Clean, friendly studio

Your health and safety will always be placed above all.(Bloodborne Pathogen certified)

With the use of best quality(all disposable) Needles & tubes, inks, modern technology Rotary Machines, a complimentary cup of Tea or Coffee on arrival -This is your local Sumner tattoo studio.

Artists Commitment to you

A personal approach to make sure that you will receive artwork that you will love.

1 Hr free design time to ensure well thought out artwork.

Planning and a binding agreement to complete a multi-session design within a set time-frame.

I enjoy doing all types of work , realism, portraits, black and grey, floral, script, watercolour, geometry, abstract..As long as it is positive and aesthetically in tune with your body and attitude- anything goes!


About Me

Born Czechoslovakia 1975, Emigrated to NZ 1985

Sumner School as a kid

Chch Boys High School

Ilam School Of Fine Arts

 I have been a professional artist for over 15 years, focusing on tattooing for the past 6 years 

“What I love about Tattooing is that it demands more respect than painting a canvas, because any human being demands and deserves more respect than any object. “

What I love about canvas, is that that’s where I can express myself, experiment and explore.

 Ivar Treskon