The following guide will minimise any risk of infection, maximise ink absorption, colours will stay bright and darks dark.

Remember, doing a good job with your aftercare will mean your tattoo will be healed quickly and look great, if you don't take care of it , the result could be prolonged healing, or related complications.     

Use antiseptic moisturiser 1-2 times a day, for the first two days, I recommend Bepanthen. 

After the first two days you can switch to a non-antiseptic moisturiser such as non-antiseptic Bepanthen, Cherry Blossom Balm,PawPaw, or other Tattoo specific aftercare cream or balm.


Wash tattoo in shower up to 2 times a day , do not use soap on tattoo unless mild Detol solution or similar mild antibacterial non-scented soap, use clean hand to gently wipe across tattoo, rinsing it with warm water. Do not dry with a towel. Air dry, then moisturise.

Make sure showers are kept short (2mins) and not hot, just warm. YOU DO NOT WANT TO DISSOLVE THE SCABBING. If the scabbing is dissolved , a secondary scabbing will have to form, this will mean a lot of ink loss, and possible scarring.

 (The thinner the scab the less ink loss, scabbing should "Tortoise Shell" and begin to flake on about day 6 after tattooing procedure).


Too much moisturiser will dissolve the scabbing, and or draw out the ink, and make it very sticky which will attract dirt and make your clothes stick to the scabbing, none of which you want to happen.

Make sure you only apply a thin layer of moisturiser. 

Always only apply moisturiser with a clean hand (wash hands with antibacterial soap), or mild Detol solution.

Do not scratch, the tattoo may get itchy as it heals , that is normal.


If new tattoo is on your back , you must sleep on your stomach until healed.

If on your arm, place clean towel on top of duvet and place arm on towel making sure the tattooed area is facing upwards.

If on leg , sleep with leg above duvet on a clean towel. If you do sleep on your new tattoo, it will sweat, likely seep Plasma which will dissolve then thicken the scab ( Do not sleep on your healing tattoo.

If tattoo is on arm then it is good to just wear a singlet, the less things that touch the area the better, also the less rubbing on it the better. Oxygen is the best thing you can give your tattoo to make it heal. 

Avoid beach / sand , dusty environments etc. Keep it out of the sun, do not use sun-tan lotion until fully healed.

Make sure that when clothes do touch your healing tattoo, they are clean, your bedding is clean, and your overall hygiene, along with your aftercare is tip-top. 


The tattooed area becomes more swollen than on the day of the procedure and there is more redness around the area than on the day of the procedure.

Yellow discharge from the area.

High temperature, Flue like symptoms, dizziness, nausea.

If you experience any of the above symptoms following a tattoo procedure you must contact your tattoo artist and your doctor, immediately.